Santa Barbara Tax Products Group (TPG)

Santa Barbara Tax Products Group (TPG) is located in San Diego, California and was established in 2010 upon the sale of the Santa Barbara Bank & Trust tax products division Building on a legacy of nearly 20 years of industry leadership and superior customer support, TPG, in cooperation with our banking partners, provides fairly priced quality financial products which deliver true value and satisfy consumer’s needs.

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Refund Advantage

Refund Advantage Tax Refund Services was built with the tax professional in mind. Our bank product program allows tax professionals like you to diversify business and compete with the national chains. Our management team has been involved in the tax refund servicing side of the e-file industry since 1989.

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River City Bank

Serving unbanked and underserved consumers has been an important focus for the River City Bank Tax Division for nearly 30 years and we understand the importance and the need for refund transfer products. Offering financial services to taxpayers is a key component to an EROs business and adds significant value to the tax preparation experience. Maybe these customers have not had the opportunity to utilize traditional financial services in the past or simply have chosen not to. Nevertheless, these customers need and greatly benefit from the advantages that refund transfer products can offer.

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EPS Financial is a bank product processor that offers flexible and innovative electronic payment systems to the tax industry. e-Collect is still the lowest cost bank product in the industry, including a no-cost disbursement option. e-Collect allows you to pass on competitive savings to your customers. New for 2015 is a second program called e-Bonus, still priced less than the industry average and offering a rebate to the tax preparer, no minimum products and no negotiating behind closed doors. By partnering with EPS, you can provide your business and your clients more choices and value.

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Republic Bank

With over 15 years of experience in the e-file industry, Republic Bank Tax Refund Solutions is one of the leading national providers of Refund Transfers (RTs). Republic Bank is partnered with several major tax software providers and thousands of professional tax preparation offices across the country. Each tax season, millions of customers choose a Refund Transfer from Republic Bank to receive their refund quickly and conveniently while paying tax preparation and other fees with their refund.

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Tax professionals who demand the latest technology, personable customer service, and innovative products choose Refundo. Leading the pack on the technology front, Refundo provides tax professionals with a bank product processing platform that minimizes your costs and facilitates new business. Our DASH mobile app (available on iPhone and Android) will help you monitor your business on the go and allows you to receive important information right to your phone in real-time. In addition to refund transfers, Audit Pros, an audit assistance service, provides you with another meaningful option for your clients. We encourage you to become more innovative and adaptive in this always-changing industry.

If you would like to apply for ERO bank enrollment with Refundo, contact your Taxprolink sales representative today.

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Navigator Financial Product

Navigator Financial Products was founded by industry experts who offer over 75 combined years of tax and financial services experience. Our leadership team has developed and driven some of the most innovative products—from bank product solutions to tax refund disbursement options—designed to help entrepreneurial tax professionals grow their business and improve client retention. Our strategies provide the most creative, disciplined and responsible customer options within the framework of rapidly changing regulations. Careful planning, industry foresight, and a history of proven success ensures Navigator’s variety of products are the most competitive in the industry.

If you would like to apply for ERO bank enrollment with Navigator, contact your Taxprolink sales representative today.

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